Morenian Action Methods

Morenian Action Methods

Sit in his chair
experience the
dialogue with you

– from his perspective


We increase your awareness so that your relations will be based not only on cognition, but on what you can sense.

Instead of talking about a complicated relationship with a colleague, you will literally position yourself in his chair and carry out the conversation with you – from his perspective. This is what we call role reversal. You will experience the effect you have on your colleague, without him actually being present and you will benefit from the reflections of the others in the group – for instance as to whether what you say is consistent with what you express through your body language.

This will give you new insight into your own behavior, which means that afterwards you will be able to act in a new and more adequate way.

Through Morenian action methods you will increase your awareness about your effect on other people.

The central aspects of Morenian action methods

The philosophy behind Morenian action methods is that we continuously create each other. An encounter between two or more people is a meeting where we can create and recreate – and create something greater that each of us: 1+1=3.

A group creates and added value, this is one of the reasons why many people work in teams. But a team is never stronger than the weakest link.

Who is the weakest link is not static, it can change depending on the situation and the goal of the team.

It is not enough that the members of the team have the required competence to solve a problem or handle a task. The team can only be really successful if the relations within the team are characterized by respect, positive curiosity and good communication. It is to everyone’s advantage to make sure the team functions well, and everyone is responsible for making sure it does.

It is a well known fact that people have a range of available roles, but use only a few preferred and practiced ones on a regular basis. In order to handle different people and different tasks, however, it is necessary to use a broader set of roles.

We help you to increase your awareness of your effect on the people around you  – as well as how to behave in an adequate way towards different people in different situations.

We increase your awareness so that your relations will be based not only on cognition, but on what you can sense.