for anyone who
works with


You will achieve an increased awareness about yourself and practice in handling situations in new ways.

You will be better prepared for meeting people where they are at – and create positive results through adequate behavior.


The education is for those who work with people in a business setting or in organizations, and who has some experience working with groups: leaders, HR-professionals, coaches and organizational consultants.


From ”Why should anyone be led by you”, research on leadership by Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones

The Norwegian Moreno Institute has extensive experience in using the stage as the setting for personal development, group leadership and supervision.

We offer education in process oriented group leadership with the theater as frame of reference and the leader as the director. The analogy is fruitful, as there are several similarities between the theater and organizations, where the task is to lead groups that depend on one another in order to achieve their results.

One of the challenges is to put together the right team, to create a team culture where people can thrive and to make sure that the members can perform to their full potential. These elements are at the core of the education “The Leader as Director”.

What you will learn:

You will learn to use the method. Read more >

You will learn to see yourself the way others see you. You will be trained in looking at yourself from different perspectives, increase your awareness and use your group for reflections in order to adjust you view.

The method is nothing without a trained facilitator

Anyone can learn the method. But becoming a good facilitator requires training in adequate use of the method, and the appropriate level of awareness

You learn to understand how and why the methods work, and how to handle situations that occur in groups. You are trained in understanding what happens between people, including the non-verbal aspects of the situations.

You learn to switch between perspectives and how to release the potential of a team. We train you in using different methods through practicing based on actual situations and cases that you bring to the student group. Practicing in this way is a major part of the education – theory and the method as such is introduced via the cases and situations.

In order to be a group leader with credibility and handle the processes that others are dealing with, you first need to look at yourself. Personal development is an important aspect of the education and you have to be willing to contribute to the group in this sense. As part of the education each student gets 30 hours of coaching at the institute.