Coaching is all about
change, and the coach must

touch people’s thoughts and
emotions to help.

– Changes must come
from within.


The coach must understand who you are, to help you to act differently.

It is not enough that we agree on an action until the next time we meet, because an action separated from the emotion is in itself mechanical.

Traditional coaching using open, positive questons in order to achieve a goal that has been defined, can be efficient in some situations. But there is often a lack of understanding of important aspects of human psychology.

Coaching is about changes and it has to involve thoughts as well as emotions in order to make a difference – changes must come from within. The coach has to understand who you are, in order to help you act differently.

It is not enough that we agree on an action to be performed by the next time we meet, because actions alone are mechanical.

Morenian coaches use encounter as their method. An encounter is an authentic meeting that you enter into with you as a person, not only with a case. You might be surprised at the way the coach really sees you and communicates it to you, while creating opportunities for alternative behavior.

We don’t train you – we develop you. We don’t focus in detail on the way forward, but on the way inward, to your own core. The aim is to achieve greater awareness and integration of your personality.