Team building

Team building

Team building is
not a happening,
it is a process

Company culture

Communication and relations

Change and flexibility

”A company’s
main competitive
is company culture
and reputation”


In the information age new ideas spread at the speed of light. A company can’t survive based on a unique business idea, it will soon be copied.

One of the main competitive advantages of a company is its «soul»: the unique identity reflected in its company culture and in its reputation. The companies that invite their employees to be part of something that exceeds the products that they offer, have the power to be the economic winners of the future. Money can motivate, but no amount can inspire, said the founder of the prize ”Business for Peace” Per Saxegaard at the award ceremony in 2013.

An increasing number of companies allocate resources toward building a strong and healthy company culture. This means a culture where leaders and employees communicate well and handle different relations in an adequate way. And not least: a culture that is robust enough to withstand continuous changes without losing energy or direction.

A happening does not make a difference, it only provides an experience. Team building can only happen through focused, systematic, long term work related to the tasks of the team and in the types of situations that the team will encounter on a daily basis. This is why a strong company culture cannot be copied and cannot be created overnight. It is a unique property of the company and will result in highly motivated employees.